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Complete Movie

For those who want to see the whole movie:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

This is the German version. I have no idea where to find the dubbed version but I heard the dub is horrible and takes away from the movie. I did, however, come across some subtitles. Hopefully they help.

Piss and shit all over the place; just take a good look at it
At first sight it looks fine, with its lawns...
...and shopping centres
But the staircases of the flats stink
What can kids do, when they're playing outside?
They'll shit themselves waiting for the lift, so they go in the lobby
I've lived here since I was six, with my mother, sister and cat
I've had enough of it
The posters are all over town
"Sound. Europe's latest disco" I want to go to it
One Saturday I told mother I'd sleep over at Kessi's
Kessi is top of my class, everyone approves of her
She's got real tits already; I admire her
"Sound" is her second home; she's here every Saturday
She's taking me for the first time

Get a move on!
Is she sixteen?
Sure, in my class
-Is Atze here? -When is he never here?
Put your bag there. You can't walk around with a plastic bag here
Wait here
Cherry juice
We're in the cinema
Crazy stuff

-Won't you have some? -I'm not in the mood yet
-Your first, eh? -Don't talk crap
Stop that

You shouldn't have taken that trip
Too much for you?
Are you O.K.?
This is Axel
I'm Detlev
I'm going back
Coming back in?
See you

-Pitty, where have you been? -He's been playing with the kids
-Why weren't you at school? -I've been packing
What's that?
Has the old man won you over?
You're leaving because of Mum's friend?
That's Dad; he's waiting for me downstairs
Mum's slaving for us and you just want to clear off
Be happy, it leaves more for you
No, I want you to stay here
And I want to try it with Dad
-Remember all the trouble he caused? -He wants to make up for it
Coming down with me?
Won't you think it over?
I don't understand you
Any message for Dad?
Don't be cross

Why no lights?
Did you see Sabine?
-Now we two are alone -She'll be back
-You think so? -She won't stick it out with Dad
You know what?
We'll have a nice evening together

Turn it
-Careful, it's running -That's what I want
It's Klaus. I invited him, so we're not so alone. Do you mind?
Can I borrow your shoes tonight?
You're going out?
Just to Kessi's
If you must
I've something for you
I hope you like it
Yes, thanks

Are we going somewhere? Anywhere?
-Coming, too? -Where?
I'm too tired
Sleep when you're dead

I hope they didn't get Kessi
-Mum thinks I'm sleeping at her place -And her Mum thinks she's with you?
Do you often go to Sound?
-Will you be there next week? -Of course
This is really high
I'm feeling dizzy
Been on a trip again?
You don't think much of trips?
Not really
Want one?
Did you do that yourself?
-Didn't it hurt? -Yes, but I was bored
It's almost dawn
-Are you going home? -What about you?
I'm going to my place; come with me, if you like
I'm staying at Axel's
Are you angry now?
We thought the cops had got you
Look, two Martians
She was that loaded, there was hardly enough room for her in the lift
The cops
Come over here
I think they're still looking for us
You ought to arrest him; he's an addict

You're coming with me
Keep away from each other
No silly ideas for Kessi

Can you do homework with such a row?
It's the record Klaus gave me
Klaus gave me this record
It doesn't mean it should be so loud
David Bowie is coming to Berlin
The guy on the record from Klaus
You want to go?
Can Kessi come, too?
I often sleep at her place
I might be able to get two tickets through the office
Have you hurt yourseIf?
That's a tattoo
A what?
A tattoo. It's not quite finished
You'll never get it off
Well, you have to walk around with it
-I've just met a boy -And he has one like it
You know, I didn't really think of going to the concert with Kessi
I get you

-Are you going to the concert, too? -I can't afford it
What have you bought? "H"?
You can swallow three trips at once, or something else to turn you on
I can get you anything, but leave "H" alone
Otherwise, I won't see you again

Axel, Detlev wants to take "H"
If he fancies it
Didn't you understand me?
If he wants to take it, he will
-Can't you talk to him? -Me, of all people?
What do you mean?
I thought you were his friend
I thought he lived at your place
Stay cool, kid
Take something before you flip out
Look at them. The cooler they are, the more shots they've had

What's up?
-You look like a corpse -Because I'm a blood donor
-Why do you do it? -Because I need the dough
I'll see if somebody's got a Valium left for us
Mandrax. I couldn't get Valium

-Is he ill? -He needs a shot
-Apart from me, who doesn't shoot up? -No one I know
Got any dough?
Twenty marks
I'll get some. Wait outside
I've got some. And I've got my old man's car
Ciao, thanks for the dough
Open up
I want to try it
No way
I paid for it
I want my share
Let me in
I don't shoot up, I just sniff
Just think
-Just for once -As they all say
I'm in control of myself
Take that, and you'll soon be as far gone as me
-You'll be a corpse then -From giving blood?
Why don't you join us?

Something wrong?
Got a trip for me?
What do you want with a trip?
-Do you want a drink? -Cherry juice
I'll get it; I won't be long
-What did Babsie want from you? -A trip
Be careful, don't give her one. She swallows all she can get
-And what do you do? -It's not the same at all
Know somewhere I can sleep?
Your own home
I don't want to go home, I'm fed up with it
There's some sexy guys here

Are you crazy?
-You can talk -Do you copy everything I do?
I only wanted to know what you feel like
Groovy, eh?

Axel, it's me
Make yourself at home
This is for you
Axel made it for you
Does your mother know where you're sleeping?
Sure, she isn't stupid
We see each other only at weekends
We can meet when I come back from school
We can't do that
Why not?
I go to Zoo Station
What for?
With the pansies?
I only jerk them off
It's nothing, considering what they pay
Don't you go to bed with them?
Yes, but even then I don't do more
What do you feel?
It's a job. They mustn't touch me
I won't let them jerk me off. It wouldn't be a job then
-So it doesn't excite you -It's repulsive. Just for dough
Don't you like me so much now?
Good night

You can get up now. My mother has left
-Are you fourteen already? -I'm an adult from today on
That looks great
You reckon?
-Have you got anything to wear? -I didn't come here naked
-You can't wear the same old rags -Why not?
Clean things. You can wear my Bowie jacket
Here's something to turn you on
Have you got any "H"?
Are you crazy?
Don't touch it
I only want to try it
I have myseIf under control
As they all say
When you leave, shut the door properly
Come again soon
Sure, I will

Hey, girl, how much?
Excuse me, do you fuck? I pay a lot
Muhametto, leave her alone. Go on, clear off
Are you catching a train?
No. Are you? Looking for Detlev, too?
Has he disappeared?

There's "Pissnelke". He lets me piss on him
-What does he do? -It's what he wants
Ask him yourseIf
I stand over him and piss
-I can't do it if I'm watched -He grabs my prick
Axel, come here
Axel can do that. The punters like him
Who's that?
"Stuttering Max". He only comes when he's flogged
Look who's here
Don't come here. I won't have my girl friend coming to "Zoo"
The scum of the earth. You don't belong here
Especially not on your birthday
I wanted to bring cake for you
And this. Mother said I was to buy myself something nice

"Who wants to piss in my mouth? I drink anything"
Axel, there's something for you
-I want to shoot up today, too -No way
Whether I shoot or sniff, it makes no difference
-It does. A shot is like a hammer -Don't talk shit
It's a sexual climax
Shit, it's clogged. Try and see if you can get one through
-You can ditch that one after -Don't talk crap
Can you lend me your kit?
Keep clear of that, girl
Please help me
You've no idea
How was it?
I had a different idea of a sexual climax
Do you want to sleep with me at the weekend?
If you like
On one condition
No "H"

I love you so
We must stop shooting up
You mustn't get hooked
I don't want you to die

Mother wonders why I'm not fatter, with all these sandwiches
Got a shot for me?
You won't get one from me
Don't be mean. Your pupils are pinheads, yet you tell me to stop
At least you can stay clean
You just want to hog it all
I want to be on the same level as you
O.K., a small shot
I'll do the next punter for you. See him?
He's crazy about me
Don't go to him
Because he has a crush on you
That'll make him pay well

Why didn't you show up?
No time. I've got a regular guy
Sunk really low, eh?
You can talk
You fuck?
-She fucks hell out of them -What makes you so sure?
-You let them stick it in anywhere -Jealous. You hump with foreigners
-Shall we celebrate our reunion? -I'm waiting for my dope
I'll lend you some
-I did seven tricks in an hour -You blew them all?
Seven in an hour. A lot of dough
-With condoms? -You can do it with them, too
Without you might catch oral clap
"At fourteen he was on drugs. He took an overdose in a fit of desperation"
One less after the stuff
"As long as something's left to shoot, I'll never take an overjolt
"Deeply moving farewell letter of seventeen-year-old Andreas W"
I know him. That's Atze
Be seeing you

What's up?
-That was my last shot. Must get some -What about me?
I need some for tomorrow morning. I can't go to school otherwise
I need some right now, or I'll have the horrors in two hours
I must go now
It's O.K.
You know what? Maybe I can help you
Maybe I can get something begging
I'll be at Kurfürstendamm

CouId you give me a mark? I need a mark
Could you give me a mark for the underground?
Old jerk!
-Are you crazy? -Get in
-What's up? -What do you think?
I don't do humping
-Why not? -I'm going steady
-You'll blow, then -That makes me puke
That doesn't leave much
AII right, just jerk me off
For one hundred marks
First the dough

I've got some
So much?
Where did you get so much?
Begging didn't work
I jerked off a guy
He gave me one hundred
Are you having me on?
Honest, I only jerked him off
One hundred marks for that?
What should I have done, then?
I did it for you
What I told you was true
I did it for you
You did it for yourself, because you were scared of going short
You'd have done it even if I hadn't existed
This is all because we shoot up
But we'll make it, we'll start to withdraw some time
We'll withdraw with Valeron
And I promise I won't turn tricks with a punter
We'll make it yet

Christiane, hurry up
Why lock the door?
I must leave, I'll be late
Why are you taking so long?
You'll be late for school
Christiane, do you hear?
Unlock the door, what's the idea?
What's the matter?
Get a face-cloth
Shall I call a doctor?
Child, what's the matter?
My circulation

-What are you doing here? -Your mother called for me
At "Zoo"?
So we can withdraw together
If two withdraw together, that's the end
Rubbish, not with us

I can't stand it any more
Are you crazy?
Keep off that
Let me. Please, let me
Just a little sniff against the pain
Bernd, you're still alive, old boy
-Sure. And where have you two been? -Take a good look at us
-You're clean, eh? -Did you withdraw?
You bet
They've withdrawn
You really did it?
Yes, we really did it. It wasn't all that bad
All you need is lots of Valeron, Valium and suchlike
I think that's great
You can do it, too, Axel. Really
Shall we do it?
I'll get dough for Valeron
We can start with it next week
We'll tell Babsie and Stella, they might join us
A cool, clean clique. We'll only smoke grass sometimes
I could have started today, but I've bought "H" already
We can still shoot that
Sure, that's O.K.
We'll be back soon
That was really something, eh?
That really was crazy
On the first day already
If we keep it under control, be careful not to get addicted to it
We know now that we can quit
So we can permit ourselves one shot
We couId ask them if they have a shot for us
O.K., let's ask

Axel, don't you know it's Saturday?
They're letting you starve
You've no water, either
-We can't just leave him there -Want to take him with you?
Hurry up!
Why did he kill himseIf?
He didn't. Some pig sold him strychnine
I can't stand this shit any more
I need a shot! I need a shot!
Where will you live now?
With my bloke
-The one with a crush on you? -Who else?
You're a fine friend
Have you got a better idea?
You'd let any pansy shove his prick up your arse
You think I like foreigners humping you?
Do you know what you are? The lousiest creature I've ever met
I'm sorry
I've never let them hump me
All I ever do is blow
Me, too
We must stop with this stuff
Yes, that's O.K.
But now I need a shot
Or I won't hold out
-But we haven't any dough -Shit! I'll get some

O.K. Fifteen marks
Are you crazy? Some are brand new. This one's still in its wrapper
-Seventeen -Let's say twenty
-Find someone else -O.K., seventeen


Babsie, have you got something for me?
In a year they'll be where we are
I'm giving it up
-Why are you still here, then? -I'll really start tomorrow
I'll withdraw tomorrow
I think that's really great
Either I stop... or I die
You'll stop, for sure
And when I've made it, I mean after the therapy... what then?
You know what? I'll give it up, too
I'll join you in therapy. We'll withdraw together
-Really? -You'll see, we'll make it yet
You bet?

What's this?
Come to me
Stay here
Look at me
I need money
Stay here
I only jerk them off

It doesn't turn you on, eh?
Just a job
What can I do, then? Tell me

Have you seen Babsie?
Have you seen Babsie?
The little one?
It's been some time. She might have kicked the bucket, or be in jail
Don't talk such crap
You need a shot, girl
I don't. I'm just looking for Babsie
If you've got one. You still owe me one, anyway
Sure, but right now I haven't got one myseIf
Tina, got anything for me?
Find your own stuff
Have you got the time?
You old pig, leave me alone
Berlin's youngest drug victim
She was only fourteen!
I survived
Mum took me to my Gran and Auntie, in a village near Hamburg
I've been clean for eighteen months
It frightens me to think of Detlev. I often think of him
I'd like to give him some of my strength, and help him
But first I need the strength myself
Dedicated to Andreas W, "Atze", Axel W., Babette D, "Babsie"
And all the others who lacked the strength and luck to survive

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